Operation Lapwing

'Lapwing' was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive to reconnoitre the RÝros railway, in the area to the south of Trondheim in German-occupied Norway, with a view to its disruption by sabotage (10 October 1943/early 1945).

The four-man party, comprising R. Arnesen, L. Fosseide, S. Haugen and Lieutenant Kvaale, was parachuted into the country on 10 October. The party’s radio set was damaged but after several trips to Sweden radio contact was established in June 1944. During August, October and November 1944 the arrival of five more men strengthened the party, which carried out its first action against the railway network on 10 December and followed with a second on 29 December. Three men from the party were later killed in a clash with German forces.