Operation LQ

'LQ' was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from the Barrier Reef ports toward Brisbane, Australia (July 1943/February 1944).

The first of the series was LQ.1 of 6/8 July 1943 from Gladstone to Caloundra with the 1,671-ton Dutch Ban Hong Liong, 1,083-ton British Caledon, 3,308-ton British Dilga, 3,260-ton British Empire Hamble, 7,176-ton US George Eastman, 7,176-ton US Henry D. Thoreau, 2,526-ton British Macumba, 2,281-ton British Tulagi and 2,560-ton US Wichita Falls. The last was LQ.55 of 15/16 February 1944 from Gladstone to Brisbane with the 2,676-ton US Alamo, 2,310-ton US Chippewa and 2,689-ton US Ozark.