Operation LS

'LS' was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the West African route generally from Lagos, Nigeria, to Freetown, Sierra Leone (April/August 1942).

The first of the series was LS.1 which departed Takoradi on 2 April 1942 with the 5,206-ton Norwegian Fernglen, 7,069-ton British Inchanga, 5,446-ton British Sansu, 3,420-ton British Volturno and 4,013-ton British William Wilberforce, and the last was LS.13 of 4/9 August 1942 from Takoradi to Freetown with the 7,023-ton Belgian Belgian Seaman, 6,860-ton British Empire Almond, 5,108-ton British Ger-y-Bryn and 3,585-ton British Thomas Holt.