Operation LTS

'LTS' was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Lagos, Nigeria, via Takoradi, Gold Coast, to Freetown, Sierra Leone, and as such reciprocals of the 'STL' series (September 1943/September 1944).

The first of the series was LTS.1 of 8/15 September 1943 with the 7,340-ton British Copacabana, 3,585-ton British Godfrey B. Holt, 4,042-ton British Johilla and 7,174-ton British Ocean Valour. The last was LTS.31 of 20/24 September 1944 with the 7,340-ton British Copacabana, 14,134-ton British Highland Brigade and 15,507-ton British Orduna.