Operation Lusty

'Lusty' was the US seizure and evaluation of German experimental aircraft and air-fired weapons within Germany during and after the end of World War II, the codename signifying LUftwaffe Secret TechnologY (1945/46).

Pilots of the USAAF flew turbojet- and rocket-powered fighters and other aircraft with the aid and technical support of German engineers and pilots, and examples of these advanced aircraft and weapons were also returned to the USA. The operation was undertaken by two teams, the basic tasks of the first team being detailed above. One collected German aircraft and weapons for further examination, and the other recruited scientists, collected documents, and investigated German research facilities. The teams travelled extensively in Europe, and interesting German equipment and papers were shipped to the USA.

Technological items thus moved across the Atlantic included the Messerschmitt Me 262 turbojet-powered fighter, axial-flow turbojet engines, and 30-mm cannon, and both these and other technological secrets were divided between the USAAF and US Navy.