Operation M (iv)

'M' (iv) was an Italian convoy operation across the Mediterranean (20/23 July 1942).

Bound from Brindisi in south-eastern Italy to Benghazi in Libya, the convoy comprised one merchant vessel escorted by the destroyers Antonio Pigafetta and Premuda and the torpedo boats Circe, Clio and Polluce. After departure from south-eastern Italy, the convoy was soon re-routed to Navarino (Pylos in Greek) on the west coast of Italian-occupied Greece because of a British raid, but departed Navarino on 22 July. At much the same time another convoy, plying from Souda Bay on the north coast of Crete to Benghazi, comprised the German transport Wachtfels, escorted by the destroyer Grecale and torpedo boat Pallade, reinforced en route by the torpedo boats Circe and Clio. This arrived at its destination on 22 July, and the 'M' (iv) convoy reached the same North African port one day later.

There were many other small Italian convoys are at sea to and from Tripoli, Benghazi, Tobruk and Souda Bay during the same period.