Operation Manna (ii)

'Manna' (ii) was a British naval offensive in the Aegean Sea by Rear Admiral T. H. Troubridge’s Force 120 (Aegean Force) after its initial successes in two 'excursion' operations (13 October/14 November 1944).

The British force included the escort carriers Attacker, Emperor and Stalker, the light anti-aircraft cruiser Royalist and two fleet destroyers. One week later Stalker was withdrawn to Alexandria, but the aircraft of the two other carriers attacked railway installations on the island of Kos on 23/24 October, and later in the month supported amphibious landing on other islands including Mytilene on 26 October and Piscopi 29 October. Attacker was sent back to Alexandria on 30 October, and Emperor departed for the UK on 14 November.