Operation MAR2

'MAR2' was a British naval element of the 'Abstention' undertaking to seize Kastelorizo, and involving the destroyers Decoy and Hereward embarking a special assault force of 500 men at Souda Bay in northern Crete to be landed before dawn on Kastelorizo (25/26 February 1941).

In response to 'Abstention', the Italian destroyers Francesco Crispi and Quintino Sella embarked 240 men at Rhodes and departed for Kastelorizo with the motor torpedo boats MAS-541 and MAS-546. During the night of 26/27 February Hereward made contact with the Italian force, but tried to co-ordinate with Decoy before attacking, but the latter did not make contact and Hereward then lost touch with the Italian ships and made no attack.