Operation Marshall

'Marshall' was a British special forces operation by the French 3rd Régiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes (3rd Special Air Service) to harass the German retreat from Normandy near Corrèze and stiffen the efforts of the local resistance forces in German-occupied France (11/24 August 1944).

The 32-man party was parachuted into the operational area under the command of Capitaine Claude Wauthier-Wurmser, and soon linked with local resistance forces to cut off and attack the German garrison of Egletons. The undertaking started on 14 August, and the Germans abandoned the town on 21 August. The SAS party then continued with attacks on retreating German units, and undertook actions at Neuvic, Tulle, Ussel and Guéret before advancing to Chateauroux.

During 'Marshall', the French SAS party inflicted moderately severe losses and disruption with its attacks on a number of German units including a 300-man Waffen-SS unit.