Operation MBD4

'MBD4' was a British naval operation by ships of Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham’s Mediterranean Fleet to support the passage of convoys to and from Malta (4/6 February 1942).

On 4 February the destroyers Arrow, Griffin, Havock, Hero, Jaguar, Jervis, Kelvin and Lance departed Alexandria for an anti-submarine sweep to the west in conjunction with Fairey Swordfish and Vickers Wellington aircraft maintaining an anti-submarine patrol 5 miles (8 km) ahead of them. The escort destroyers Heythrop and Hurworth departed Alexandria with the destroyers and were detached off Tobruk to escort a convoy to Alexandria. On 5 February aircraft attacked U-81, Jaguar sighted U-73 on the surface and attacked with depth charges as the boat submerged, and later on the same day Kelvin and Lance attacked U-375.

After they had reached the area of Derna on the coast of Libya, the destroyers turned back to to east, but had to reduce speed as the weather deteriorated. The ships arrived back at Alexandria on 6 February.