Operation ME4

'ME.4' was a British naval bombardment of Axis coastal positions in Libya in support of the 'Chieftain' and 'Landmark' (i) dummy convoys designed to divert Axis attentions from the 'Crusader' (i) land offensive (15/19 November 1941).

The bombardment was carried out by the ships of the 7th and 15th Cruiser Squadrons of Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham’s Mediterranean Fleet, and at the same time the battleships Barham, Queen Elizabeth and Valiant, the light cruiser Galatea, the light anti-aircraft cruisers Euryalus and Naiad, the destroyers Decoy, Jackal, Jervis, Kimberley, Kingston, Kipling and Australian Napier and Nizam and the escort destroyers Avon Vale and Eridge trailed their coats farther to the north in an effort to draw off any Axis air response, which did not in fact materialise.