Operation Medley

'Medley' was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive to protect the Bårdshaug electricity sub-station and Berkåk repeater station in the southern part of the Trøndelag area of German-occupied Norway (April/8 May 1945).

This operation was initially allocated to the 'Dodsworth' team, which was not in the event used, and the task was then assumed by the two-man party of R. Larsen and K. Brodkorp-Danielsen, who were to act as the reception party for the three-man 'Widgeon' party tasked with undertaking railway sabotage between Støren and Opdal. The 'Widgeon' party did not arrive, so its reception party was renamed 'Medley' and took over the role originally allocated to 'Dodsworth' and carried out its protection tasks at the time of Germany’s surrender.