Operation Merlin (i)

'Merlin' (i) was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive to organise and instruct groups in the Bergen area of German-occupied Norway, establish radio contact with the UK, and prepare measures to counter German anti-resistance activities (February 1944/January 1945).

The two-man party, comprising H. Mowinkle-Nilsen and L. Dallard, was delivered by sea, three operatives of the Milorg military resistance organisation returning to the UK on the boat. Dallard, the radio operator, moved around the area until September 1944 when, as a result of German raids, he went under cover. Instruction was initially given in Bergen and from May in the areas surrounding it. In the autumn of 1944 Mowinkle-Nilsen moved back to Bergen, where he remained until January 1945, when he joined the Bjørn West base.