Operation MF2

'MF2' was a British naval undertaking associated with the passage of the 9,919-ton commissioned assault ship Glengyle to Malta with stores, and the retrieval of the empty 9,776-ton British fast transport Breconshire from the island (5/9 January 1942).

Rear Admiral P. L. Vian’s Force 'B' of Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham’s Mediterranean Fleet provided the escort with the light anti-aircraft cruisers Euryalus and Naiad, and the destroyers Foxhound, Gurkha, Kingston, Kipling and Sikh, which departed from Alexandria on 5 January, while the destroyers Havock, Jaguar, Lance and Lively of Force 'C' sailed from Malta on the same day with Breconshire.

The two forces made rendezvous at 13.00 on 7 January, when Breconshire and Havock joined the Alexandria force, and Glengyle and Sikh that from Malta. Both forces then returned to their bases with their respective charges, no incidents occurring during either passage.