Operation MG (i)

'MG' (i) was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical and sometimes a literal suffix) plying from Malta to Gibraltar, and as such reciprocals of the 'GM' (i) series (December 1940/March 1942).

The first of these three convoys was MG.1 of 20/24 December 1940 with the two 7,529-ton British ships Clan Forbes and Clan Fraser, the second was MG.1A of 23/27 July 1941 with three British and four Norwegian vessels (the former comprising the 10,218-ton Amerika, 6,202-ton Settler and 9,776-ton commissioned transport Breconshire, and the latter the 9,351-ton Hoegh Hood, 7,616-ton Svenor, 6,798-ton Talabot and 6,655-ton Thermopylai), and the third was MG.1B of 20/25 March 1942 with four merchant vessels.