Operation MH2

'MH2' was the British naval support undertaking for the ME.11 convoy from Malta to Port Said, Egypt (7/11 December 1942).

The merchant ships which departed Malta at 10.00 on 7 December were the 12,806-ton British Melbourne Star, 11,076-ton British Brisbane Star, 7,795-ton British Rochester Castle, 8,535-ton British Port Chalmers, 9,312-ton Dutch Bantam, 7,176-ton US Mormacmoon, 7,176-ton US Robin Locksley, 9,100-ton British Denbighshire and 6,900-ton Panamanian tanker Yorba Linda.

The convoy was escorted by the light cruiser Orion, the destroyers Pakenham, Petard and Free Greek Vasilissa Olga, and the escort destroyers Aldenham, Belvoir, Croome, Dulverton, Exmoor, Hursley, Tetcott and Free Greek Pindos.

The convoy and its escorts came under frequent German and Italian air attack, and several of the aircraft were shot down. With the exception of Yorba Linda, which had to put into Alexandria as she ran short of fuel, the convoy’s ships reached Port Said on 11 December.