Operation MKS

'MKS' was the designation of Allied slow military convoys (together with a numerical and sometimes a literal suffix) plying the route from from North Africa via Gibraltar to Liverpool as successor to the 'HG' series after Torch, and as such reciprocals of the 'KMS; series (November 1942/June 1945).

From MKS.13 of April 1943 to MKS.69 of December 1944, the convoys of this 'Mediterranean to the UK Slow' series rendezvoused at sea with the convoys of the 'SL' series returning to the UK from Freetown.

The first of the 162 convoys of the 'MKS' series was MKS.1A of 13/16 November 1942 with the 5,859-ton Belgian Jean Jadot and 5,969-ton British Stanhill escorted by the British destroyers Hussar and Wivern, and frigates Rother and Spey, and minesweeper Speedwell. The last was MKS.103 of 25 May/1 June 1945 with 15 merchant vessels and six British escorts, the latter including the frigate Pearl and the corvettes Abelia, Bellwort, Crocus, Jonquil and Nasturtium.