Operation Moorhen

'Moorhen' was a British special forces operation by the Special Operations Executive to establish radio contact with the local resistance organisation in Bergen in German-occupied Norway, set up a radio link between the groups in the area, instruct a local radio operator, examine the possibility of shipping sabotage, and possibly revive an export organisation (January 1943).

A. Martens-Meyer left the UK by sea on 6 January with Lieutenant Robberstad and six radio equipments. Martens-Meyer made contact with local groups, but as the radios lacked transformers, the plan for a local network was shelved. One transmitter did work and contact was made with the UK. The local groups feared reprisals and were not very accommodating. Martens-Meyer did, however, set up a group in Bergen and left two radio sets before travelling back to the UK at the end of February. Contact was never made.