Operation Moslavacčka Gora

(Moslavačka mountain)

'Moslavacčka Gora' was a Croat operation against the partisan forces of Josip Broz Tito in the puppet state of Croatia in occupied Yugoslavia (12/13 February 1943).

Undertaken in an effort to pin and destroy the partisans' 'Moslavačka' Partisan Detachment in the area of the villages of Prokop, Popovac, Ostri Zid and G. Garesnica, the operation involved troops of only the Croat home army, namely the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Battalions of Pukovnik Josip Solc’s 1st Mountain Brigade 'Poglavnik Dr Ante Pavelić', one mountain battery of the same brigade, and one company of the Replacement Battalion of the 1st Regiment.

Ordered in response to an 11 February attack on a small Domobran (home army) garrison in the village of Sarampov near Ivanić-Grad, in which the 'Moslavačka' Partisan Detachment had captured 70 Domobran soldiers, the two-day operation was completed as planned, but most of the partisans got away. The Croat losses were four men killed, six wounded and one missing, while the partisans lost 144 men killed, 20 wounded and eight captured.