Operation Mwe


'Mwe' was a German series of plans by the Abwehr (intelligence organisation between 1921 and 1944, under the leadership of Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Canaris from January 1935 to February 1944, when the Abwehr was disestablished, Canaris later being executed for his supposed complicity in the 'July Bomb Plot') to deliver and operate agents in Scotland (1942/44).

'Mwe I' of 16 May 1942 was a plan to use special agents to sabotage the electricity generating facility on the Caledonian Canal near Fort William in the north of Scotland, 'Mwe II' a plan to sabotage the aluminium plant at Kinlochleven in the south of Scotland, and 'Mwe V' of September 1944 a failed mission to land agents on the coast of Scotland.