Operation NA (i)

'NA' (i) was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Canada across the Atlantic to the UK (January/October 1942).

There were 16 such convoys carrying Canadian troops to the UK. The first, on 9/19 January 1942, was NA.1 with the 11,015-ton Norwegian Bergensfjord and 23,722-ton British Stratheden carrying 2,866 troops, and this was escorted by the destroyers Beverley, Hamilton and Rockingham. The last, on 29 September/6 October, was NA.16 with the 17,024-ton Dutch Dempo and five British ships in the form of the 25,564-ton Athlone Castle, 13,482-ton Awatea, 29,253-ton Pasteur, 25,550-ton Stirling Castle and 23,722-ton Strathallan with 4,950 troops.