Operation NB (i)

'NB' (i) was the designation of the Allied convoy (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Singapore to dispersal after delivering men, supplies and equipment in an effort to check the Japanese 'E' (i) invasion of Malaya and collecting civilians for evacuation and air force personnel for movement to Palembang in the Dutch East Indies (28/31 January 1942).

This singleton convoy was NB.1, which comprised the 8,009-ton French Cap St Jacques carrying evacuees, 1,929-ton British Darvel carrying air force personnel, 5,108-ton British Ekma carrying evacuees, 1,279-ton British Ipoh carrying air force personnel, 5,879-ton British Islami carrying evacuees, Malay Pangkor carrying air force personnel, and 8,602-ton British Rohna carrying evacuees.