Operation NCF

'NCF' was the designation of the Allied fast convoy (together with a numerical suffix) from Oran in French North-West Africa to Sicily for for 'Husky' (i) (5/10 July 1943).

The sole such convoy, whose reciprocal was 'CNF', was NCF.1, which comprised 16 US and two British vessels. The former were the commissioned transports 7,712-ton Barnett, 6,220-ton Bellatrix, 8,429-ton Calvert, 7,191-ton Charles Carroll, 6,736-ton Dorothea L. Dix, 7,864-ton Elizabeth C. Stanton, 7,773-ton Florence Nightingale, 12,093-ton Frederick Funston, 13,869-ton Joseph T. Dickman, 13,712-ton Leonard Wood, 7,898-ton Lyon, 7,894-ton Neville, 10,180-ton Niobrara, 7,176-ton Thomas Jefferson, 6,131-ton Thurston and 7,884-ton William P. Biddle, and the latter the 2,950-ton commissioned small infantry landing ships Prince Charles and Prince Leopold.