Operation NLY

'NLY' was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) linking Lingayen Gulf in the Philippine islands group, Humboldt Bay in the Netherlands New Guinea, and Leyte in the Philippine islands group (April/May 1945).

The first of the five such convoys was NLY.114 of 10/14 April with 14 US vessels in the form of the 7,0945-ton Dilworth, 7,176-ton Dwight L. Moody, 7,176-ton James Bowie, 7,181-ton John Rutledge, Lost Hills, 7,176-ton Margaret Fuller, 4,538-ton Turrialba, LCI-964, LST-168, LST-170, LST-458, LST-463, LST-470 and LST-473. The last was NLY.124 of 22/30 May with 12 US vessels in the form of the 7,176-ton Andrew Carnegie, 1,885-ton E. C. Gardner, 7,207-ton Edward J. O’Brien, 7,176-ton Felix Hathaway, 7,176-ton Floyd B. Olson, FS-521, 7,176-ton George H. Flanders, 7,176-ton Horace V. Wright, Mary D, 7,176-ton Ring Lardner, 2,460-ton Wichita Falls and Xavier Victory, and the 7,177-ton Norwegian Leiv Eiriksson.