Operation NS (i)

'NS' (i) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from the Clyde river, UK, to Norway (May 1940).

There were only two such convoys in the aftermath of the German 'Weserübung' invasion of Norway, in the form of NS.2 of 6/11 May to Narvik and NS.3 of 12/19 May to Harstad. The first comprised the 5,372-ton British Balzac which arrived damaged, 7,268-ton British Calumet, 1,124-ton British Coxwold, 8,324-ton British Mashobra that was lost at Narvik on 25 May, and 1,575-ton British Meta. The second comprised the 5,242-ton British Dromore Castle, 1,977-ton British Gunvor Maersk, 5,086-ton US Marina, 5,666-ton British Oil Pioneer, 7,048-ton British Oleander that was bombed and beached at Harstad on 26 May, and 625-ton British Pembroke Coast.