Operation NSF

'NSF' was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from North Africa to Italy in support of 'Avalanche' and subsequent land operations in southern Italy, and as such reciprocals of the 'SNF' series (September 1943/July 1944).

There were 31 such convoys, of which the first was NSF.1 of 5/9 September to Salerno with the 2,532-ton French Arcturus, 7,712-ton US Barnett, 20,123-ton British Duchess of Bedford, 7,864-ton US Elizabeth C. Stanton, 12,093-ton US Frederick Funston, 11,969-ton US James O’Hara, 13,869-ton US Joseph T. Dickman, 7,898-ton US Lyon, 19,355-ton Dutch Marnix van St Aldegonde carrying 1,800 troops, 7,371-ton US Oberon and 20,097-ton British Orontes as well as the 3,616-ton British tank landing ships Boxer, Bruiser and Thruster carrying motor transport, guns and DUKW amphibious trucks, 3,791-ton British fighter direction ship Ulster Queen, and six US commissioned transports in the form of the 6,812-ton Ancon, 6,556-ton Andromeda, 8,429-ton Charles Carroll, 7,940-ton Procyon, 10,812-ton Samuel Chase and 10,210-ton Thomas Jefferson.

The last of the convoys, on 21/23 July 1944 to Naples, comprised only the 19,118-ton British Arundel Castle.