Operation Omelette

'Omelette' was a British unrealised special forces operation by the Special Operations Executive to use T. Gulbrandsen as a double agent to deceive the Gestapo over SOE plans in Norway (February 1943).

The former 'Anchor' organiser, Gulbrandsen had been captured in May 1942, but was allowed to escape in September and eventually returned to the UK. His story was initially accepted but after the 'Crow' radio operator returned to the UK and told the SOE that Gulbrandsen had been allowed to escape, the truth came out, and early in 1943 Gulbrandsen revealed how his escape had been arranged. Because of threats against his family he had agreed to send intelligence on the SOE back to the Gestapo in Norway either through radio contact or letters to cover addresses in Oslo that would be delivered by new SOE agents.

The operation was not undertaken and Gulbrandsen was sent to work at STS 26, the training school of the SOE’s Norwegian section at Aviemore in Scotland, for the rest of the war.