Operation Operazione C.2

'Operazione C.2' was the Italian occupation of the Vichy French island of Corsica within the context of 'Anton' (11 November 1942).

The Italian occupation of this island had been strongly urged by the Italian irredentist movement throughout Italy’s Fascist period. The occupation force initially comprised 30,000 men and gradually increased to almost 85,000 men. This was a huge occupation force relative to the size of the local population of 220,000 persons.

Generale di Corpo d’Armata Umberto Mondini’s (from December 1942 Generale di Corpo d’Armata Giacomo Carboni’s and from 18 March 1943 Generale di Divisione Giovanni Magli’s) VII Corpo d’Armata was able to occupy Corsica, which was still under the formal sovereignty of Vichy France, without a fight. Because of the initial lack of perceived partisan resistance and to avoid problems with Maréchal de France Philippe Pétain, the Vichy French leader, no Corsican units, other than one labour battalion raised in March 1943, were formed under Italian control. The Corsican population initially showed some support for the Italians, partly as a consequence of irredentist propaganda.

The Italian garrison grew to encompass two infantry divisions (Generale di Divisione Ettore Cotronei’s 20a Divisione fanteria 'Friuli' and Generale di Divisione Nino Sozzani’s 44a Divisione fanteria 'Cremona'), two coastal divisions (Generale di Brigata Bartolomeo Pedrotti’s 225a Divisione costiera and General di Brigata Attlio Lazzarini’s 226a Divisione costiera), eight battalions of Fascist militia, and some military police and Carabinieri units.