Operation PA (i)

This was a British series of four minelaying operations in northern British waters (12 January/20 March 1940).

The auxiliary minelayer Princess Victoria, escorted by the destroyers Eclipse and Escapade, undertook ‘PA1’ on 12 January in the Moray Firth with further support by the minesweepers Harrier and Skipjack; the ships returned to Rosyth on 13 January.

The auxiliary minelayer Teviot Bank, escorted by the destroyers Boreas and Brazen and the minesweepers Leda and Niger, departed Invergordon on 29 February to undertake the ‘PA2’ mining operation in the Moray Firth. After the mining, the ships proceeded to the Tyne, arriving on 2 March and the warships then departing later in the same day to escort the FS.10 convoy during its for passage to the Humber.

On 11 March Teviot Bank, escorted by the destroyers Icarus and Impulsive and the minesweepers Seagull and Sharpshooter, departed Invergordon for the ‘PA3’ minelaying operation off Kinnaird Head in the Moray Firth.

On 19 March the auxiliary minelayers Princess Victoria and Teviot Bank, escorted by minelaying destroyers Esk, Express, Icarus and Impulsive, arrived at Invergordon from the Humber for the ‘PA4’ operation, which was completed on the following day in the Moray Firth.