Operation Pedal

This was British carrierborne air attack on Japanese facilities at Port Blair and other locations in the Andaman islands group in the Bay of Bengal (19/21 June 1944).

The operation was led by Vice Admiral Sir Arthur Power, second-in-command of Admiral Sir James Somerville’s Eastern Fleet, and the ships involved were the fleet carrier Illustrious, battle-cruiser Renown, light cruisers Ceylon, Kenya and Nigeria, and destroyers Quality, Quickmatch, Quilliam, Racehorse, Raider, Relentless, Roebuck and Rotherham, as well as the submarines Clyde and Tantivy for the air/sea rescue role. The ships departed Trincomalee in Ceylon on 19 June.

The weather over the Andaman islands was poor, and the British carrierborne aircraft were therefore able to inflict only insignificant damage.