Operation Perpetual (ii)

'Perpetual' (ii) was the US landing of the 16th and 18th Regimental Combat Teams of Major General Terry de la M. Allen’s US 1st Division, supported on their southern flank by part of Combat Command B of Major General Ernest N. Harmon’s 1st Armored Division and on their northern flank by a battalion of US Rangers, of Major General Lloyd R. Fredendall’s US Center Task Force between Cap Carbon and Arzeu to the east of Oran, in the French North African territory of Algeria, within the overall scheme of 'Torch' (8 November 1942).

The US Ranger battalion seized the dominating coastal batteries on Cap Carbon, and the two regimental combat teams landed just to the south of Arzeu before advancing south-westward toward Oran. In the south of 'Perpetual' (ii), the portion of Combat Command B committed here advanced still farther, on the left flank on the infantry units, to take Tafaraqui and its airfield by 12.00, and was later joined by elements of the 2/509th Parachute Infantry, which were to have landed on the airfield but had been delivered well to the west at the Sebkra (dry salt lake) near Lourmel.

The 1st Division’s other major element, the 26th Regimental Combat Team, landed Les Andalouses to the west of Oran and then advanced eastward toward the city, while the other part of Combat Command B came ashore at Cap Figalo still farther to the west and then moved south-eastward to take Lourmel and its airfield.