Operation Petrol

'Petrol' was a British convoy operation to move 15 merchant vessels (eight British, one French and six US) from Augusta in Sicily to Bizerte in Tunisia (12/14 February 1944).

The British ships were the 8,331-ton City of Canterbury, 7,057-ton Empire Austen, 2,479-ton Empire Tern, 7,127-ton Fort Bell, 7,133-ton Fort Bourbon, 7,134-ton Fort Souris, 9,182-ton Neuralia and 1,533-ton Ousel, the French ship the 5,482-ton Var, and the US ships the 7,177-ton Christopher Gadsden, 7,176-ton Duncan U. Fletcher, 7,244-ton E. A. Peden, 7,184-ton John R. Park, 7,191-ton John W. Brown and 7,197-ton Lawton B. Evans.