Operation PG (ii)

'PG' (ii) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from the Panama Canal to Guantánamo, Cuba, and as such reciprocals of the 'PG' (ii) series (July/August 1942).

Designed to combat the ravages of U-boat attack on independent sailers during 'Paukenschlag' and the period immediately after it, this 'Panama to Guantánamo' series began with the PG.1 convoy of 11/15 July 1942 with the 8,257-ton US Bethore, 5,098-ton US Blenheim, 4,333-ton Norwegian Ferncliff, 7,129-ton Fort McLoughlin, 4,548-ton US Henry D. Whiton, 7,181-ton US Lewis Morris, 7,174-ton British Ocean Vagrant, 5,868-ton US Penmar, 7,176-ton US Robert Fulton, 8,316-ton Norwegian Vardefjell, 5,376-ton US West Portal and 7,176-ton US William Cullen Bryant. The last of the convoys was PG.8 of 25/29 August 1942 with the 4,980-ton Norwegian Anna Odland, 7,176-ton US Elbridge Gerry, 1,571-ton Norwegian Lillemor, 2,283-ton Honduran Merida, 7,174-ton British Ocean Vagabond, 7,934-ton British Peshawur, 8,497-ton British Port Fremantle, 6,625-ton US Robert E. Hopkins, 7,176-ton US Robert Gray, and Panamanian Vagrant.