Operation PH (ii)

'PH' (ii) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Leyte, Philippine islands group, to Humboldt Bay, Dutch New Guinea (January 1945).

The first know example of this 'Philippines to Humboldt' series was PH.3 of 16/21 January 1945 with the US Elwood Haynes, 7,176-ton US Josiah Royce, 7,176-ton Kate Douglas Wiggin, 3,717-ton Norwegian Meteor, 10,448-ton US Rainier, 7,176-ton US W. B. Ayer and commissioned ship Acubens. The last was PH.4 of 23/28 January 1945 with the 2,608-ton Dutch Both, US Carl E. Ladd, US Francis W. Parker, US Francis Wilson, 9,943-ton US General R. L. Howse, 7,207-ton US Henry L. Gantt, 10,172-ton US Horseshoe, 7,176-ton US Howell Cobb, US James Oliver Curwood, 7,176-ton US John Lind, 7,176-ton US John Page, US John W. Cullen, US John W. Troy, 10,296-ton US Lake Erie, 7,176-ton US Lillian Wald, US Mello Franco, US New London, US Niantic Victory, 7,176-ton US Samuel Lancaster, US Segundo Ruizbelvis, 7,176-ton Simon Bolivar, US War Hawk, US William H. Allen, 7,176-ton William L. Sublette, LCI-611, LCI-967, LCI-971, LST-594 and four US commissioned ships in the form of Allegan, Appanoose, 7,241-ton Pastores and 4,500-ton dock landing ship Rushmore.