Operation Puffin

'Puffin' was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive to contact the resistance movement and train its groups in the Oslo area of German-occupied Norway, and also to advise local groups on sabotage in the Oslo shipyards (17 April/November 1943).

The Milorg (Militærorganisasjonen, the military resistance organisation in Norway) was aware of the imminent arrival of this party (W. Houlder and S. Blindheim) before it landed on 17 April 1943, and from a time early in May until November it trained groups in the area around Oslo. Both men were captured in November 1943 but escaped to Sweden. They returned in January 1944 and continued training until the summer, when both men travelled once again to Sweden. They then returned to help organise Milorg sabotage teams and actions in the area, often in collaboration with other SOE teams.