Operation Python (i)

'Python' (i) was an Australian two-part undertaking in Borneo by the 'Z' Special Unit (October 1943/January 1944).

The operation’s tasks were to establish a wireless station near Labian Point in North Borneo and undertake covert operations reporting on the maritime communications of the Imperial Japanese navy in the Sibutu Passage and the Balabac Strait of the Sulu Sea.

In 'Python I', a party led by Major F. G. L. Chester landed on Labian Point early in October 1943. As well as completing its primary tasks, the 'Python I' party also supported and provided equipment and stores for a Filipino guerrilla force under the command of a US officer, Captain J. A. Hamner.

In 'Python II', a party led by Bill Jinkins landed in January 1944 with the task of organising the local population for guerrilla warfare against the Japanese occupation forces, but this early effort did not any significant results.