Operation Rawlinson

'Rawlinson' was a British unrealised plan, in concert with 'Byng', to enlarge the lodgement of Lieutenant General J. T. Crocker’s I Corps of Lieutenant General Sir Miles Dempsey’s 2nd Army on the eastern side of the Orne river on the south-eastern side of the Allied 'Overlord' lodgement in Normandy (25 July 1944).

The object of the undertaking would have been to enlarge the beach-head in order to allow use to be made of the port of Ouistreham and the canal linking this port with Caen, and at the same time to improve the lines of the lodgement’s eastern edge and so allow economise on the number of men required to hold it.

The 'Rawlinson' part of the plan called for the use of Major General T. G. Rennie’s 3rd Division in the area south of the Bois de Bavent.