Operation Razorbill

'Razorbill' was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive in German-occupied Norway to instruct groups in Bergen, receive weapons, arrange for the transfer of men to the Bjørn West base, reconnoitre chosen objectives for protection, and carry out attacks on German oil supplies (18 September 1944/May 1945).

The two-man party of H. Rasmussen and L. Pettersen arrived by sea on 18 September, and E. N. Kalle and J. Nesheim arrived on 1 October as reinforcements in 'Razorbill II'. Training was carried out, weapons received, and intelligence provided on the local U-boat base. The group worked with both the Milorg military resistance organisation and the Saborg communist organisation. It also provided names of informers who were to be assassinated, and two local men were killed. A steam ship and transformers at the shipyards were also sabotaged. At the beginning of May 1945 it was 'Razorbill' which contacted the German command in Bergen in order to help secure a peaceful liberation. Rasmussen had returned to the UK to obtain equipment for Bjørn West, and while he was in London it was agreed that targets in the Bergen area would be protected by groups of the B.org (industrial organisation) resistance group. Rasmussen returned by sea in January, but eventually it was the Milorg which organised protection of primary 'Foscott' targets in Bergen.