Operation RED (ii)

'RED' (ii) was the designation of British convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from the Clyde via Gibraltar to the Far East (September/October 1939).

There were only two such convoys. RED.1 of 5/27 September plied from the Clyde river to Bombay comprising eight British merchant vessels in the form of the 26,943-ton Britannic, 7,347-ton Clan Ferguson, 20,123-ton Duchess of Bedford, 17,388-ton Durban Castle, 16,418-ton Montcalm II, 23,456-ton Orcades, 17,702-ton Reina del Pacifico and 22,281-ton Strathaird.

RED.2 of 28 September/9 October plied from Southampton to Alexandria comprising four large British merchant vessels in the form of the 22,209-ton Alcantara, 25,564-ton Athlone Castle, 21,833-ton Empress of Australia and 20,175-ton Franconia, of which Alcantara collided with Franconia on 5 October.