Operation Redwing (ii)

'Redwing' (ii) was a British special forces operation by the Special Operations Executive to form a small group in the Voss-Bergen area of German-occupied Norway to work either as saboteurs or for the assistance of other teams from the UK without endangering other groups in the area, and to undertake assassinations in November as part of 'Ratweek' (ii) (21 September 1943/1944).

The two-man party of L. Pettersen and G. Wiig-Andersen was parachuted into Norway on 21 September, made contact with local leaders and established a radio link with the UK. The two men also met the Norwegian military resistance movement’s district leader for Bergen and established a relationship. No assassinations were undertaken for fear of reprisals. Early in 1944 Pettersen was moved to the 'Pheasant' area but Andersen kept transmitting after receiving new crystals.