Operation RK (i)

'RK' (i) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Colombo, Ceylon, to Kilindini, Kenya, and as such reciprocals of the 'KR' (i) series (April 1944/January 1945).

The first of these four convoys was RK.1 of 20 April/2 May 1944 with the 5,574-ton British Ethiopia and 8,303-ton Manela escorted at various times by the corvettes Freesia, Jasmine, Rosebay and Snowflake, and the minesweeper Maryborough, and the last was RK.4 of 7/15 January 1945 with the 11,275-ton British Devonshire escorted by the frigate Parret and the corvettes Monkshood and Nigella.