Operation Rumpelkammer

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'Rumpelkammer' was the German campaign against the UK with V-1 'flying bomb' missiles air-launched by Heinkel He 111 bombers (5 September 1944/14 January 1945).

In the course of this campaign the He 111 aircraft of Major Fritz Auffhammer’s Kampfgeschwader 3 and Oberstleutnant Fritz Pockrandt’s Kampfgeschwader 53 air-launched 1,200 V-1 missiles against England: 66 of the missiles hit London, one hit Manchester and 168 landed elsewhere in England. The campaign cost the Germans a total of 41 bombers, of which about 20 were shot down by the British fighter defences and the others crashed into the North Sea as they flew at low altitude (to avoid radar detection) toward their missile launch positions.