Operation Scarf

'Scarf' was a British special operations undertaking in which Lieutenant Commander Peter Williams’s MGB-502 and Lieutenant Ronald F. Seddon’s MGB-718 of the 15th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla boat landed six Special Operations Executive personnel and their equipment at Beg-an-Fry to the north-east of Morlaix on the north coast of Brittany in German-occupied France (15/16 April 1944).

The two boats also collected 10 passengers (six men including US airman evaders, two Special Operations Executive agents and two women who had escaped from the Castrée prison before they could be selected for execution in reprisal for resistance attacks on their forces, one other women and one boy). The passengers were embarked safely, but on the return journey to the UK the two motor gun boats encountered three German patrol vessels, which briefly opened fire, killing one British sailor, before being misled by signals into thinking that the British craft were friendly.