Operation Scrivener

'Scrivener' was the British operation to bring some 8,000 non-communist Polish troops from the USSR to the UK (1941).

These Poles had been captured by the Soviets in their seizure of eastern Poland in September 1939, and on arrival in the UK joined about 25,000 Polish troops evacuated from France before the capitulation of that country to form the basis of Generał dywizji Marian Kukiel’s (later Generał brygady Józef Zając’s, Mieczysław Boruta-Spiechowicz Mieczysław Boruta-Spiechowicz’s and finally Generał dywizji Stanisław Maczek’s) Polish I Corps. This was the garrison of the coast of Fife in Scotland and served primarily for the creation of cadre units which, on reaching the desired size, were deployed. Typical of these latter were the Polish 1st Armoured Division, Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade, Polish 1st Reconnaissance Regiment, Polish 4th Division and Polish 16th Independent Armoured Brigade.