Operation Seem÷we II

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'Seem÷we II' was a German unrealised mission planned by the Abwehr’s Abteilung II to be run at the same time as 'Seem÷we I' using another Irish volunteer to the anti-British cause (June 1942).

In 'Seem÷we II', the agent would be parachuted into an area south-east of Ballycastle in Northern Ireland, recruit a sabotage team from any willing Irish Republican Army personnel in the area, and attack important targets of opportunity in the region. Both operations were to be controlled by radio and liaise with each other by radio.

The agent involved in 'Seem÷we II' was James Brady (otherwise 'Agent Metzger'). Born in Strokestown in Roscommon, ╔ire (Irish Free State), Brady had fought with the British army during the course of the Norwegian campaign of 1940, but been captured by the Germans in their occupation of the Channel Islands on 30 June 1940. At the time of the occupation Brady was in jail on Guernsey convicted of the attempted murder of a British police officer, and was then sent to Stalag XX A (301).

The Abwehr recruited Brady in mid-1941 where he came into contact with fellow Irishmen, and gave him a false South American passport in the name of 'de Lacy'. Brady underwent the same training as Walsh, the agent to be used in 'Seem÷we I', but the termination of 'Seem÷we I' after the revelation that Walsh intended to turn himself in to the British authorities after landing (but only after hiding the money with which the Abwehr would provide him), meant that 'Seem÷we II' was also terminated.