Operation Seydlitz (i)

(18th century German cavalry general)

This was a German naval attack toward the south coast of England from Brest in the Brittany peninsula of German-occupied France (27/29 November 1940).

Under the direct command of Konteradmiral Erich Bey, the Führer der Zerstörer, the destroyers Karl Galster, Hans Lody and Richard Beitzen were forced by adverse weather to turn back on 28 November but then made another attempt on the following day. This second attempt was successful. Off Plymouth the destroyers encountered and sank the 134-ton tug Aid, 214-ton lighter BHC10 and pilot vessel Stroomloodsvaartuig No. 4, and damaged the 126-ton tug Abeille 14. The German ships then engaged in an gun and torpedo battle with Captain the Lord Louis Mountbatten’s 5th Destroyer Flotilla, comprising Javelin, Jupiter, Kashmir, Jackal and Jersey.

Javelin took torpedoes fore and aft, and lost her bow and stern. However, the rest of the ship was towed into Plymouth on 30 November by the tug Caroline Moller.