Operation Skinflint

'Skinflint' was the British final objective of Lieutenant General Sir Oliver Leese’s X Corps of Lieutenant General B. L. Montgomery’s 8th Army in the 2nd Battle of El Alamein (24 October 1942).

'Skinflint' was an oval area on the Rahman Track, to the south of Tell el Aqqaqir and to the west of Kidney Ridge, behind the main defensive positions of Generalleutnant Gustav von Vaerst’s 15th Panzerdivision and Generale di Divisione Gervasio Bitossi’s Italian 133a Divisione corazzata 'Littorio' of Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel’s Deutsch-Italienische Panzerarmee.

Major General R. Briggs’s 1st Armoured Division and Major General A. H. Gatehouse’s 10th Armoured Divisions of the X Corps finally broke through 'Skinflint' on 4 November after the 'dogfight' of 'Supercharge'.