Operation SNF

'SNF' was the designation of Allied fast troopship convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Salerno and Naples, Italy, to North African ports after 'Avalanche' and during subsequent Italian operations, and as such reciprocals of the 'NSF' series (September 1943/November 1944).

The first of these 31 'South from Naples Fast' convoys, which returned unladen ships for reloading, was SNF.1 from Salerno to Oran on 10/14 September 1943 with the 2,532-ton French Arcturus, 7,712-ton US Barnett, 20,123-ton British Duchess of Bedford, 7,864-ton US Elizabeth C. Stanton, 12,093-ton US Frederick Funston, 11,969-ton US James O’Hara, 13,869-tons US Joseph T. Dickman, 7,898-ton US Lyon, 19,355-ton Dutch Marnix van St Aldegonde, 7,371-ton US Oberon, 20,097-ton British Orontes, Procyon, and four US commissioned vessels in the form of the 6,556-ton Andromeda, 8,429-ton Charles Carroll, 10,812-ton Samuel Chase and 10,210-ton Thomas Jefferson. The last was SNF.29 of 20/23 November 1944 from Naples to Oran with the 9,472-ton British Banfora, 11,015-ton Norwegian Bergensfjord, 10,926-ton British Eastern Prince, 14,133-ton British Highland Princess, 15,507-ton British Orduna and 17,702-ton British Reina del Pacifico.