Operation Snowflake

'Snowflake' was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive to organise and instruct local groups around Nordfjord, to the south of Ålesund in German-occupied Norway, in the use of weapons and explosives, resistance tactics, and counter-scorch activities in order to protect the Svelgen power and transformer station and the Stryn repeater station (27 November 1944/13 May 1945).

P. Ratvik, later joined by H. Svindseth from the 'Siskin' party, was landed from the sea on 27 November and made radio contact with the UK on 2 December. Ratvik also had contact with the 'Roska' local Special Intelligence Service (MI.6) station, which during March 1945 sent messages on behalf of 'Snowflake'. By the time of the German surrender 'Snowflake' had organised 400 men, although these lacked weapons. On 13 May it set up a headquarters in Florø and was involved in the arrest of around 70 Nazis, informers, and black marketeers.