Operation SR (i)

'SR' (i) was the designation of Allied convoys (with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Calcutta, India, to Rangoon, Burma, for reinforcement of the forces holding that country (December 1941/March 1942).

The first of these seven 'Sandheads (Calcutta) to Rangoon' convoys was SR.1 of 28/31 December 1941 with the 7,009-ton British Karoa, 5,869-ton British Kutsang and 2,798-ton British Hoihow, and the last was SR.7 of 25 February/5 March 1942 with the 5,101-ton British City of Hereford carrying motor vehicles and 67 troops, 5,196-ton British Ellenga carrying 400 tons of supplies and 822 troops, and British 5,051-ton Fultala carrying motor vehicles and stores, escorted by the light cruiser Emerald and Indian sloop Indus.